Golf Course Holes 10-18
Progress : Continuous maintenance of the back nine holes ongoing
Next Step : Continuous maintenance

Irrigation Pump
Progress : Overall Progress – 98%

  • Pump already delivered to the irrigation contractor, installation to commence on completion of the pump house construction
  • Working with the irrigation contractor to construct the pump house

Next Step:

  • Pump house construction

Sewer Treatment Plant
Progress : Overall Progress – 98%

  • Sewer treatment plant already delivered to site; Part installation complete; awaiting fixing of control panel
  • Construction of the control room to commence on agreement with the lexis international

Next Step:

  • Complete installation of the plant control panel
  • Testing and commissioning of plant

Power Supply
Progress : Overall Progress – 98%

  • Power supply to sewer treatment plant complete together with installation of the distribution board

Next Step:

  • Installation of security light along northern boundary

Electric Fence

Area : Section 1: Southern Boundary & Mitini Section
Progress: Overall progress -98%

  • Clearance and restraining of the fence line complete
  • Laying of power cables for powering the line complete; Energizing complete
  • Replacing the rotten poles done by ndovu electric fences

Next Step:

  • Testing and commissioning of fence
  • Continuous maintenance of the fence line

Section 2: Northern Boundary
Overall Progress :Overall Progress – 95%

  • Erection of the poles and wiring complete on the northern side – 100% complete;
  • Erection of solar panel complete and energizers delivered to site
  • Powering to be done on completion of the northern sentry box

Next Step:

  • Energizing of the fence

Section 3: Along Moru Ridge
Overall Progress – 95%

  • Erection of the poles and wiring – 100% complete;
  • Erection of solar panel complete; powering of fence to be done on completion of the corner sentry in hole 14

Next Step:

  • Energizing of the fence

Entrance Walling

Sentry Box- Construction of sentry box on going; internal plaster & fixing of windows complete
Guard House

  • Construction ongoing; 92% complete – plastering of internal walls and fixing of windows complete.
  • Construction of the turnstile houses ongoing


  • Erection of the gates along the wall ongoing; works at 98% complete

Next Step:

  • Fixing of windows and doors to sentry boxes and guard house
  • Finishes to sentry box and guard house

Water Reticulation – Phase 1

Progress :
Overall Progress – 85% against projected progress of 100% Completion

  • Excavation of 21 Km of the pipe line (110mm, 80mm & 63mm) complete – along road A100,D100, D200, D300, D400, D500, D600, D601, C100; E200,
  • Laying of pipes ongoing subsequent with the trenching; 18 Km HDPE pipes laid

Next Step:

  • Trenching for water lines and laying of water lines
  • Waiting design drawings from Irrico irrigation contractors.